Too Many Clothes? Use These Clothing Organization Tips

Sometimes you just can't help it. That cute dress or those adorable shoes are just calling to you from the store rack. Next thing you know they're piled up in your closet at home where you may never be able to find them again. When your clothing is taking over your life, it's time to get organized! 

Use Your Space Wisely

Hanging your clothes in the closet is only one piece of the puzzle. The floor space in your closet is a valuable storage area just waiting to be tapped. In addition, your closet doors may provide a great place to hang a shoe rack or other organizer.

If too many clothes are spilling out of your closet, it's time to rethink your space by getting a unit that fits the entire area and adds shelves or a second hanging bar.

Keep Things Open

When you fold clothes and hide them in drawers or boxes you are more likely to forget about them, which may leave you prone to buying even more stuff later on.

One of the best clothing organization tips is to use open shelving so that all of your folded clothes are visible at all times. Now, when you go to your closet you can't help but notice how many sweaters you have stacked up, or how many pairs of pants you haven't worn yet this year. 

Think Outside the Closet

Whether you get a freestanding armoire or you simply slide plastic storage bins under your bed, there are many other areas of the bedroom which are perfect for storing clothes. This is one of our favorite tips for organizing clothes when your closet just isn't big enough. 

Cascade Your Hangers

For outfits that go together, you can save space in your closet by hanging the items together. Using a specially made hanger, you can hook the pants onto the hanger with the top. You can also hang multiple tops off of one another this way to create a cascade of two or three items. This reduces the bulkiness of your hanging items and allows you to double or triple your hanging space instantly. 

The Maids of San Diego

If you need help getting your closet in order and keeping it clean, consider how house-cleaning services in San Diego can help you stay on top of things. The Maids of San Diego are available to help you clean up the clothes that have piled up outside of your closet and get things in order so you can easily find all of your favorite items with ease.