Get Your House and Family Organized Before School Starts


A new school year is right around the corner, bringing with it busy mornings, homework emergencies, forgotten projects, afternoon snack chaos, and counting down the days until winter break. While many parents and kids start the fall season prepped and ready to rock, it doesn’t take long for all that preparation to devolve into disarray. With a few key organizing strategies and streamlining tips, you can maintain order in your home and avoid a school stress-induced breakdown before you even reach Thanksgiving. Here are some suggestions:

1. Set up a school organization station

Keeping calendars, schedules, and paperwork all in one space will help you keep track of everything going on throughout the year. Find an accessible spot in your house, such as the kitchen, and set up a bulletin board, dry erase board, hanging file shelves, and a large paper calendar. Calendars on phones and computers are helpful, but being able to see an entire month or more at a glance will help avoid surprises. A school-specific station like this is also a good place to store extra school supplies—over-the-door shoe organizers make great storage for extra pens, crayons, scissors, tape, and more.

2. Create a peaceful study area

Your children’s academic success depends on how much time and effort they devote to homework, school projects, and studying for tests. You can ensure they have the space they need to concentrate by setting up an orderly and peaceful study area. If they have desks in their rooms, declutter the area and add shelves or file boxes to keep materials organized. If the study area is elsewhere in the house, make sure it’s far from TVs and other distractions, and always kept free of clutter, toys, or other unrelated items.

3. Tackle the closets

Before investing in new school clothes for the year, purge old clothes that don’t fit or have stains or holes. In addition to organizing new and existing clothes by season, leave room in the closet for pre-selected weekly outfits. One strategy is to invest in hangers that also have clips for pants or skirts, and label them with days of the week so your kids can get dressed easily and quickly during hectic school mornings.

4. Organize the bathroom

A significant portion of those hectic mornings takes place in the bathroom, so giving your bathroom an organization makeover can speed up primping time and reduce fights if your children share a bathroom. Organize hair accessories, styling products, makeup, and other toiletries in marked baskets or colorful plastic bins with easy-to-read labels. And those over-the-door shoe organizers that work so well for school supplies can take the place of baskets and bins if shelf and closet space in your bathroom is limited.

5. Streamline after-school snack time

No matter how big a lunch you pack for your kids, they always seem to come home starving. Instead of hassling you for snacks while they’re supposed to be concentrating on their homework, your kids can help themselves to a designated snack shelf in the kitchen that’s kept stocked with individually packed bags of pretzels, trail mix, dried fruit, or other healthy snacks that won’t ruin their appetite for dinner.

6. Start the school year fresh with a professional housecleaning service

It’s easy for kids to get excited for school when they start fresh with brand new clothes and school supplies. So why not extend that freshness to the whole house with a professional cleaning service? At The Maids of San Diego, we offer occasional and recurring cleaning services that follow our 22-Step Healthy Touch Cleaning System to ensure thorough, consistent results. So sit back, relax, and let The Maids get your house fresh and ready for the new school year. Give us a call to request an estimate today.