Home Cleaning Tips Before Your Holiday Guests Arrive

It's that time of year again, when the weather gets a little cooler, the days get a little shorter, and thoughts turn to the holiday season. When you look around and realize: there's a lot of work to be done before your holiday guests arrive!

Whether you're hosting family or friends, you want your place to be clean and presentable for house guests. With that in mind, here are some home cleaning tips to help you get ready before your holiday guests arrive.

1. Ready the guest room

Whether you have a dedicated guest room or otherwise seldom used space, there's a good chance dust has accumulated. Take a few minutes to dust any surface that needs it, including any dresser or bedside table. Dust can gather on blankets and pillows too, so make sure to put clean linens on a freshly made bed. Don't forget to clear some closet and drawer space, so your guests may unpack their backs and feel at home.

2. Ready the bathroom

It goes without question you'll want to present your guests a clean bathroom counter, toilet, and sink. Don't forget to add the shower and/or tub to the equation — this is one room it's especially important not to overlook any details. To wit, make sure to empty out the waste basket, wipe down mirrors, restock the toilet paper, and provide both hand soap and clean towels.

3. Clean up in the kitchen

If you're having holiday guests, you'll probably have a holiday meal, and that means you want a clean environment for meal preparation — and for clean-up in case your gracious guests insist on helping out. Start with the stove top, then clean your counters, scrub down your sink with bleach, and if you have a garbage disposal, consider freshening it up by running it with a slice of citrus fruit and warm water. One tip that's easy to overlook is to clean up your refrigerator. Empty any old and expired food from both fridge and freezer — that will hopefully leave a little bit of empty space, either for your guests or for the inevitable leftovers.

4. Make a good first impression

Whether you call it a foyer, mud room, or entryway, it's the first part of your home your holiday guest will see, so make a good first impression by making sure it's clean. You may want to put away any excess shoes and coats, and clear up any stacks of mail or other clutter.

5. Don't forget the floors and ceilings

One last home cleaning tip, but not the least: take a good look up and down before your holiday guests arrive. When you live in a space every day, it can be tough to notice cobwebs gathering up in the corners, or dust bunnies forming underneath the furniture. Quickly take a broom or duster to clear cobwebs (and spiders), then finish your cleaning session by sweeping, mopping and/or vacuuming your entire home. It will pay dividends — a thoroughly clean home is the best way to  inspire your holiday guests to keep your San Diego home clean.