How to Get Rid of Household Odors

Household odors accumulate every single day whether we notice or not. Here are a few tips on how you may get rid of the most common household odors from your kitchen, bedroom, major appliances, and more.

Lingering cooking odors

Not everything that tastes good smells great when you cook it. When you've cooked fish, curry or fish curry, follow it up with the following recipe: lemon peel, a quarter cup of baking soda, two cups of water. Let it boil on the stovetop until the odor is neutralized.

Rotting garbage disposal smells

You can get rid of odors in your disposal by running it with lemon or lime rinds, then a cold water flush. If that doesn't work, make a tray of vinegar ice cubes and try running those.

Garbage can stench

First clean the can with a household solvent, then add a few cups of white vinegar and let it soak. You might want to add a little extra help by leaving dry fabric softener sheets in the bottom of the can.

That dirty dishwasher

Another great application of vinegar in getting rid of household odors is the dishwasher. When too much foul smelling food bits have built up, load two cups of vinegar into the soap tray and run an empty cycle.

Old refrigerator odor

It's well known because it works! To keep your frisge from smelling — and smelling up the food inside — leave an open box of baking soda. It works in the freezer too.  

Stinky carpets and furniture

Baking soda also works to get rid of household odors that linger carpets, furniture and other fabric surfaces. Sprinkle baking soda oonto the fabric and let it sit a half hour before vacuuming up.

Musty washing machines

The humidity of doing load after load of laundry creates a lot of must potential in the washing machine. To remove the odor, run an empty load on hot or warm with two cups of water and bleach.

Funky coffee pot

Dissolved coffee particles and minerals can turn rancid inside the pipes, tubes, and funnels of a coffeemaker. To clean your caffeine delivery system, make a full pot without any coffee grounds, using a solution of water and vinegar at a two to one ratio. Run a second empty pot with plain water to clear out any lingering vinegar taste.

Smelly drawers

If your drawers start to smell, all of your clean clothes will follow suit. To fix this we'll use a combination of our old friends vinegar and baking soda. Wipe the drawers down with a like water and vinegar solution. Dry thoroughly with a towel, then sprinkle baking soda inside and let it sit overnight before cleaning with a vacuum.   

Musty odors in a bedroom room

Household odors can accumulate easily in the bedroom, and it takes a through clean to get rid of them, but you can help control the odors with a sachet filled with activated charcoal. Simply wrap the activated charcoal in a light, clean sock or cheesecloth, and hang up in the bedroom, where it will absorb odors.

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