Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean in 2017

Are you hoping to keep your home in better shape this year? That’s a great new year’s resolution and The Maids are ready to help! Here are ten great house cleaning tips for staying on top of all your chores: 

1. Get on a schedule

Separate tasks into days of the week or a daily/weekly/monthly schedule and write them down on index cards so you can keep track. 

2. Upgrade your equipment

Modern vacuums and other tools can make cleaning easier than ever before. Get a Swiffer for your hardwoods, and use Resolve with a scrubby brush to clean your tile. 

3. Don't wait

If it takes less than 2 minutes to clean something up, just get it done. Putting things off allows them to pile up faster than you expect. If everything in your house has a place, it is easy to clean up in no time. Dishes are generally the biggest culprit here. Get them out of the sink and into the dishwasher!

4. Get things off the floor

Organize your rooms and closets with hooks and hangers. The fewer things you have stacked in corners, the more open your home looks.  

5. Prevent messes before they happen

Cover your grill and pans with foil, and use slow cooker liners, so you'll have less dishes and clean-up when you're done. Wipe down faucets with wax paper to prevent future water spots. 

6. Restore your stainless steel

Cream of Tartar is a natural cleaning agent that works wonders on stainless steel. Sprinkle a bit into a cup of water and use a scrubby brush to restore the shine.

7. Wash your windows

Make homemade window cleaner with a few drops of shampoo and warm water. Use a rag to wipe the windows down and then squeegee them clean. 

8. Keep your mattress fresh

Mattresses are notoriously hard to clean. Sprinkle a mix of fabric softener and baking soda on your bed and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Then vacuum. Change your sheets regularly and wash your duvet or quilts monthly. 

9. Don't forget the little things

Once a month, make an effort to wash down light switches and door knobs. These areas collect germs daily, but often get ignored during cleaning.

10. Keep your appliances clean

Dryer vents collect hazardous lint, and washing machines collect debris that can damage clothes. Toasters also collect crumbs over time. Don't ignore your appliances and keep them clean!

The Maids of San Diego

These housekeeping tips are just some of the ways you can keep things pristine in your home for 2017! For more help with your cleaning this year, contact The Maids of San Diego today for full service housekeeping. We are ready to help you keep your new year’s resolution and your home looking sparkling clean all year long.