Remodel Your Kitchen With Clean in Mind

A kitchen remodel can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home. If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, chances are you’re most excited about the aesthetic changes you’re going to make. But don’t forget to consider functional changes as well. If you design your new kitchen with easy cleaning in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy using it every bit as much as you enjoy showing it off on Instagram. Take a look at these five tips for remodeling your kitchen with clean in mind.


Get rid of grout

For anyone who likes a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean kitchen, grout is the enemy. It takes the satisfaction out of what could otherwise be a meditative daily chore because it requires special effort and attention to get clean. And even then, it doesn’t stay clean for long.  When designing an easy-to-clean kitchen, be sure to stay away from anything that requires grout when looking at material for counters, floors, and backsplashes. Opt instead for full-sheet materials like granite or concrete for the countertops, vinyl or laminate for the floors, and quartz or stone for the backsplash.

Customize your storage

Storage is key to keeping any room clean, but it’s doubly true in the kitchen. Not only do cluttered countertops look less than clean, but they usually also contain more dirt and grime than clear countertops. This is easily explained by the fact that most people do not move and wipe down every single appliance or item on the counter when cleaning. Remodeling your kitchen is the perfect time to customize your storage for spices, dishes, appliances, pots and pans, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, and bins for recycling and garbage. It will not only help you stay organized and tidy, but it will also help keep surfaces wipeable and clean.

Opt for functional flooring

Easy-to-clean flooring is a must in the kitchen, where spills and drips come with the territory.  Fortunately these days, you can get the look of a more expensive flooring type without having to deal with the hassle of maintenance or the risk of water damage (we’re looking at you, hardwood). Vinyl sheet flooring is seriously resilient and low-maintenance, and it’s made in a huge range of styles, including some that mimic the look of wood, leather, or slate. Sealed concrete slab flooring is also a low-maintenance option for the kitchen. Whichever style you choose, make sure the material can be easily wiped down and cleaned with a damp mop.

Trick out your sink

Most of us spend a significant amount of time at our sinks, washing dishes, washing hands, rinsing vegetables, and whatnot.  And yet, when it comes to remodeling the kitchen, we rarely consider the impact that a savvy sink can have on the quality of our experience.  When you integrate or undermount the sink, it allows you to easily wipe messes straight into it. Installing a faucet with a high arc and a flexible water line hose will help make cleanup easier. And a built-in drainboard to one side of the sink will give you a place dry large pots and pans and help drain the water back toward the sink.

Make room for entertainment

In the same way that luxurious details in your car make running errands more fun, splurging on extras in your kitchen design will help make cleaning more fun. A small TV mounted beneath the cabinets can help you keep your eye on your favorite cooking show while also keeping an eye on your béchamel sauce. Mounted speakers allow you to pump your favorite music while you sweep up. And a cozy bench seat or comfy counter stools will provide a place to sit for kids, friends, or anyone you’d like keeping you company while you wash the dishes.

Need help with the cleaning? Call us!

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