Spring Cleaning Hacks for a More Pristine Home

After a few months of being cooped up in your house, it's about time you dust away the cobwebs and get thinking about your big spring cleaning. Spring is the time of year that we can finally open the windows and let some fresh air in. Here are a few house-cleaning tips and tricks to help you save time and energy while keeping your home in tip-top shape. 

Start at the Sink

One of the most important cleaning hacks is staying organized and working in a logical order. The sink is where you will likely be rinsing out your sponge and using your chemicals most often. Whether it's your kitchen or your bathrooms, clean your sink first and work around the room systematically. If your sink is dirty, it will be difficult to get anything else done. 

Vinegar and Lemons

Vinegar is useful for all kinds of things around your house. Using vinegar to clean your cutting boards, bathtub caulking and stainless steel is one of our favorite cleaning tips.

You can even clean your shower heads by putting vinegar in a plastic bag and rubber-banding it over the shower head. Once you're done gently wiping things down with vinegar and a rag, you can use the juice from half a lemon to give your home a fresh-smelling scent. 

Dryer Sheets

Another common trick used in residential house cleaning services in San Diego is dryer sheets. They can be used to remove spots from mirrors and windows, and they do a great job of picking up dust and dirt on your baseboards. Even dryer sheets that have already been used for laundry can be saved and repurposed for cleaning. Plus, a few dryer sheets placed in your linen closet can keep things smelling fresh. 

Baking Soda and Bleach

Another useful tip made from everyday household products, a tiny bit of baking soda and bleach mixed together can be used to clean kitchen and bathroom tiles and grout. Use a bristle brush for scrubbing and then rinse the area once you are done. You can quickly return your grout to its original color without spending all day scrubbing.

These are just a few time saving tips from the experts. If you still need help getting your house spotless for spring, call The Maids San Diego to get your free cleaning estimate today!