The Maids of San Diego Reviews

The professional cleaners at The Maids of San Diego strive to provide exceptional cleaning services to families in San Diego and the surrounding communities.


What our satisfied customers have to say
about the best housekeepers in San Diego

"When we engaged The Maids to clean our home we were looking for a professional firm that would consistently send a team to efficiently, effectively and reliably clean the entire house within the agreed time window. The Maids have delivered on their commitment to our full satisfaction. Upon their first arrival we were introduced to the entire team and reviewed preferred cleaning supplies. Afterward the follow up from management to assure our satisfaction was appreciated. We have now have them scheduled for routine visits for several months and enjoy the added the value of their having assigned a specific team for our home so that there is familiarity each time they come with the home and our pets. The Team Leader is very pleasant, accountable, and receptive to both feedback and any special needs of the day with a pleasant, focused team in support. We recommend them."--Jerold H., Yelp

"I was trying to find a reliable, trustworthy cleaning company for my apartment since I suffer from strong allergies and since I travel a lot for work, I don't have time to clean or wait for someone to clean my apartment. Management told me that the products were environmentally friendly products and the vacuum gathers 99% of all dust so I got excited to use them and I decided to give them a try. The four girls came to my house in a company car with uniform and with their own products and their vacuum. Since I really liked the first time clean, I decided to sign up for regular service and I gave them the key to my house. Since I've been using the service I don't have to take any allergen pills at my home. All the pet hair gets cleaned out and the "team leader" of the team is very friendly. I've been loving The Maids!!!"--Arian I., Yelp

“I came home very impressed and pleased. I can’t believe the difference the #2 Green team (leader: Angelica) made! My couch and everything looks so nice I almost don’t want to touch a thing!”

“Mireya’s team (#4 Red) does such a wonderful job on our home. It is always clean, and they are very careful with our things. Everything is put back in the correct place. We are very satisfied!”

“Angelica and her crew are consistently on time and they do a very conscientious job!”

“[The Maids] provide a very thorough, extensive deep cleaning without any special requests or need to be present. Fabulous!”

“Team #2 is amazing. They have consistently performed above and beyond my expectations. I hope you will continue to send them here to clean my home, as I am very pleased with their work.”

“The Maids did a very great job. I have been trying to get my kitchen sink clean forever and there is always spotty residue. It is spotless now that you cleaned it. All of my appliances are shining and look great!”